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Warhammer Chaosbane was developed by Eko Software and published by Bigben Interactive, a PC role-playing action game. It’s the 27th game in the world of Warhammer Fantasy – a series that HeroQuest started in 1991. This game has well-known characters and locations in previous Warhammer games that are inspired by the titles of Diablo III and the hack n’slash gameplay mechanism.

In Chaosbane, 4-character classes – Empire Soldier, Dwarf Slayer, High Elf Mage and Wood Elf Scout – are available for players to choose from and use in the battle with demonic empire hordes. This game uses cooperative mode, in which up to four players can work together on carefully crafted maps.

Edition of the Magnus
Named after the hero of the First Grand War with the Chaos, Magnus Edtion contains the entire Deluxe Edition’s additional content: unique emotes and animals and a gold boost, while advertising itself. These are the basic fragments that boost the search for more resources. Magnus Edition allows players to access the game’s season pass to unlock all possible future contents.


Chaosbane is inspired by many other Action RPGs, one of which is Diablo, the most popular. On a 3D map, viewed from the top downwards like the Blizzard series, the player controls a single character. The maps include places known as the Cursed City of Praag and the former imperial capital Nuln from earlier Warhammer games.
Warhammer combat mechanics: Chaosbane is the class player of choice: Empire Soldier, Dwarf Slayer, High Elf Mage, and Wood Elf Scout. A typical melee, the soldier-Konrad Vollen-depends on assaults that are very damaging in the near future and boosts allies with his banner ability

Elontir – High Elf Mage – is a long distance, wide range spelling specialist. The Berserker type, Dwarf Slayer Bragi Axebiter, discloses heavy attacks continuously. The skills of Elessa Wood Elf Scout help her and fundamental attacks give her a chance of dealing with poison damage for a period of time. oceantogames.com

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