BEST APPS FOR AIRSOFTPossibly the last thing you would like to do in a fire fight is get out your phone, however here are a couple of reasons why you may want to.

They say there is a program for all which includes airsoft. It’s true that you can not shoot anybody with an iPhone, however there are a range of logistical apps available on the marketplace which could help you organize your plans on the battle. Here are only a couple of the most well-known programs for airsoft.

Battletac Airsoft

Battletac is a program which lets you monitor the GPS place of you, your group and your goal. Additionally, it lets you communicate with other users. This provides you a logistical advantage on the competition since you organize with increased efficacy and may plan and implement strategies with greater intel.

Battletac also lets you upload or draw maps so that you can customise a precise impression of your battle. As an event organiser, you may produce a map to the participants to upload and then monitor every participant’s movement across the biggest of battlefields.

Additionally, it has a purpose to notice your standing, whether you are alive, dead, hurt or away game. This provides an excess element of security to a airsoft experience.

Personal Eye System

The Personal Eye System is a personal monitoring, navigation and information sharing program geared toward soldiers, police, security forces, emergency services and many others which require topographic navigation, monitoring, blue force tracking, along with common operational picture sharing. PES was created by the busy soldiers, as a replacement for a conventional GPS receiver, paper map and a cell phone.

This expert system can be accessible as an Android-only program. While a demilitarised variant, it features the greatest degrees of precision and topographical data. While restricted to pure place and topographical screens, it is the best program around to be in the area. visit for more airsoft guns

Sniper Calculator

The producers of PES additionally created a Sniper Calculator to get android. It assists shooters compute hold overs, and range settings required for long range shots. Though the program does cover a broad array of concerns more appropriate to RL sniping, this program has some program in airsoft.


On the Lookout for a Battlefield-style Knowledge in the field? Check out Battlemap. Previously called Overwatch (but has been forced to change its name for obvious reasons), this program features access to player stats, dwell voice-chat, in-game perks and controllable sport modes. Additionally, it comprises GPS mapping, such as another popular airsoft apps available on the industry. Accessible on Apple along with Android apparatus, Battlemap provides an alternate airsoft experience as a result of its distinctive AR components.

Among the advantages of airsoft is the chance to get out and escape from our continuous exposure to the electronic world. Nobody enjoys killing breaking their telephones whatsoever, but there’s not any denying the capacity of programs like this and the way they could alter the surface of airsoft.



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