A Real Democratic Alternative


In the United States, there are two parties; the Democrats and the Republicans. These parties have an absolute monopoly, which means that they share most of the political power in most of the state. In the state of Arkansas, the Democrats dominate the legislature, governorship, and local governments. On the other hand, the Republicans have significant control over state government in several parts of the United States.

Most constitutional democracy countries have about two parties, which have different ideologies but share most of the country’s power. Both parties support different political movements such as freedom, democracy, social justice, and so on. For example, the Democrats support social welfare and progressive taxation while the Republicans support more conservative economic policies.

In the US, there is a problem with a two-party system, since the major party has become the establishment and the major party are not representative of the people, which is what the American polity is all about. One major party controls the government, while another party controls the media and a third party is the major opposition party. This is not in the best interest of the United States citizens.

In order to break this system, we need a third party, which can be called democratic socialism or democratic authoritarianism. A democratic socialist system is based on democratic socialism, which is the idea that the state should run most aspects of society. The main differences between a democratic socialist system and a traditional socialist system is that the democratic socialists want to have some free trade and open borders while traditional socialists want to close their borders and restrict free trade. There are also democratic socialist parties in a number of European countries, which are very successful. Meanwhile, in countries like Russia and China, where traditional socialism rules, the party of the government will simply try to control the media and impose a socialist regime on the entire country.

If we want to see a real democratic alternative to our two-party system, then we need a third party, which would share power with the two party system. This party should have a majority of votes in the legislature, while at the same time being able to govern without having to worry about the next party taking away its power. It should also be able to run its own economy and be the primary opposition to the government.

However, this does not mean that the major parties are not able to take power, they can do so in a variety of ways. Some of them may actually run the state, while others simply control the media, education, and business establishments. In such a case, the power of the major party would be very limited.

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